How Prayer Helped My Mother and the Song That Documented It

unsplash-kitsune-4Since I was a young child, one of my biggest prayers was that my parents would find the Lord and that one day we’d all be together in Heaven. My prayers were answered when my mother, Dee, was baptized and accepted Jesus into her heart. Our family friend, Bo Bullock and his wife Gina, filmed and recorded the event with Bo writing a song about Prayer. Prayer helped my mother find the Lord. Prayer delivered her home last year.

I want to share this beautiful event in our lives and this beautiful, moving song with all of you. Tears run down my face right now as I type this post, but these are tears of joy, not of pain.

I miss my mother everyday. I miss talking to her on the phone. I miss getting her to laugh, even though her cancer kept her in constant pain. But I do talk to her through prayer. Everyday I talk to her. Everyday she is right here with me.

Join us, won’t you, in prayer for anyone and everyone who needs the Lord. Prayers are answered. No the Lord did not cure her cancer, but He brought her home where she will forever be pain-free and living the life of a queen.

God bless. Thank you Bo and Gina.

  • Mary

    What a blessing it is to have your mother’s baptism recorded and honored with a song. I just loved watching it. I have tears flowing down my cheeks too. I can only imagine how you feel.

    • Tonya Mork

      Thank you, Mary, for kindly reaching out. I do feel blessed. Bo and Gina gave us such a special gift, one that I hold very close to my heart.

      Beyond the personal nature of the video, it shares such a powerful message that all of us need to be on the prayer line. There are so many people in need. We can make a difference.

      Many blessings :-)