Adjust Your Eyes With a Positive Filter to Fill Your Life With Peace and Joy

Uff Da'ism | Adjust Your Eyes's FilterOur eyes allow us to intake and process what we see around us. All the images, color, and movement bombard our senses. However put two people in the same place and have them describe what they see, the images are quiet different. Each of us “sees” life differently through our own filter. I contend that you simply need to adjust your eyes with a positive filter to fill your life with peace and joy.

Simply adjust your eyes with a positive filter to see the miracles and beauty that are all around you. Let it fill you.

Imagine a 35mm camera. The photographer replaces the lens and the filter to modify the image’s final output (i.e. the picture) he wants to achieve. He intentionally and knowingly puts that filter on his viewport, his eyes to the world, to achieve the results he wants.

Keep that visual in your mind and actively call upon whenever you feel down, negative, or just need to recharge yourself. Stop, take a deep breath, put on your positive filter, and then look around you. Start with something small, looking at something that makes you smile and fills you with a calm, peaceful, easy feeling. Let’s say looking at the rabbit sitting in your yard gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling. Focus on that visual. You are seeing that rabbit with a positive filter.

Each day just slow yourself down, breathe, put on your positive filter, and then look around you. What do you see? Take in the colors, smells, movement, and sounds. Filter out all the “noise” and distractions. Focus on what is front of you. Let it fill you. Don’t forget to breathe. Feel yourself smile. You are stopping to appreciate the moment.

You may be saying to yourself right now, “but you don’t know what my life is like.” You’re right, I don’t. Let me tell you that I know what hardish is, what pain is like, and what daily challenges do to you. I’m disabled, life in pain with migraines, and hampered by Hemiplegic Migraine attacks that cause stroke-like paralysis and confusion when they strike me. I know the pain of bankruptcy (due to my health), losing everything, and living in uncertainty of not knowing if we’ll have food or a roof over our heads. I know how life can toss obstacles and tests our way.

Yet I chose to rise above all that negative and fill my life with joy and peace. It does not serve me well to live and focus on the pain or worry; if anything, that mindset re-enforces and gives strength that the negative. By putting on my positive filter and being intentionally positive, I am adjusting the picture of my life and how I feel living in it. I’m tuning it, like the photographer, to achieve what I want given what is in front or around me. I cannot change the reality of what is around me. What I can change is how I process it.

You can too. I believe in you. You have the power and the tools to do this, to change your life.

I wish you a lifetime of peace and joy. Let’s put on our positive filters together and leave them on.

  • Mary

    I like the way you got me to visualize. Using the photographer really helped me to understand your point. I completely agree. Now comes the hard part of actually doing it. But I’ll start small, like you suggest. In time, I hope it just becomes habit.

    • Tonya Mork

      Thank you for your comment. I’m so glad that the visualization helps. You’re right. Starting small, small incremental steps, done initially build good habits. Before you know it, your positive filter will adjust itself and the world around you will be so clear.

  • Edward Tierney

    A nice analogy. Thank you. I have everything I need right now, and yet I struggle to see the positive. I always start by tearing down and building back up (two steps back, three forward).

    Often I go out into the woods to recycle and recharge. I do just as you suggest – breath, look around, take it in. It works wonderfully. I am going to try that same thing in my “work-a-day” world.

    Thanks for the kind encouragement.

    • Tonya Mork

      Thank you for sharing, Edward. I’m so glad it works for you. After you recharge and recycle, the world around you looks different, doesn’t it? Hold on to that process and feeling. Finding a way to incorporate that process into all aspects of your life will be key. There you will find balance and peace of mind. :)